Us vs. Them: The Difference Between Great Teams and Dsyfunctional Groups

Thursday 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Room: Redbud B

Session Description

A common problem faced by businesses and institutions of all sizes is the Agency Problem. When two parties stand on opposite sides of an issue, in thought, objective, incentive, and motivation, it is only a matter of time before conflicting ideals detract from overall team performance.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss critical components of a successful team
  2. Identify common barriers to achieving success
  3. Learning practical strategies that can be applied immediately for improved outcomes.


Jerrod Murr

Jerrod Murr is a speaker, corporate trainer, and cultural entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Northeastern State University, and a member of the NSU Hall of Fame.

Murr speaks at multiple Human Resource conferences and corporate educational events throughout the year and is honored to be a member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board, as well as being appointed Partner Expert in The Forge’s startup incubator, powered by the Tulsa Regional Chamber.

Murr is the co-founder of Paradigm Shift, a leadership training and development firm, and resides in Muskogee, OK with his wife, Jenn, and two daughters, Adelae and Josalyn.