Building Teams that Lead Themselves

Friday 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Room: Redbud A

Session Description

Imagine your organization with every member giving every ounce to the success of the organization… This might sounds like a pipe dream with the inevitable chaos of life, right? Humans experience cyclical patterns of behavior that make balance difficult to achieve.
These patterns have the potential to either plunge your organization into social turmoil, or transform it into a streamlined powerhouse. A leader who is willing to tackle these cycles head-on with deliberate intent is already on the winning path. This magical scenario can be achieved in understanding where people are at in the Engagement Cycle and using specific encouragement.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the importance of engagement as the foundation for leading a team
  2. Learn to identify and manage their personal and team engagement level
  3. Discover how to use strength-based leadership to encourage their team members


Josh Erickson

For the past 20 years, Josh Erickson has been utilizing his experience, intuition, and insatiable drive for success to help transform businesses and teams into champions. After being proven successful in his own ventures, his innovative methods have expanded in reach, helping institutions like FedEx, Catholic Health Initiatives, and the University of Nebraska take their employee engagement and team collaboration to new heights. His ability to navigate the cyclical patterns of human behavior, coupled with his dynamic and personable presentation style paves the way for emotional and professional empowerment in collaborative environments, large, small, and everywhere in between.