The Optimistic Leader: Creating Positive Work Environments

Thursday 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Room: Cypress AB

Session Description

Attendees will discover the link between optimism and leadership, while providing useable information on how one can create a positive organizational culture through Optimistic Leadership. Furthermore, individuals will assess their current and potential future levels of optimism, which may help them to become more optimistic. By using an optimistic leadership approach, leaders should help improve overall job satisfaction and job performance, thereby allowing the organization to improve climate and retention.

Learning Objectives

  1. How Optimistic Leadership can be learned.
  2. How Optimism can increase job performance impact.
  3. Provide ways that optimism can improve climate, thereby improving organizational culture and tenure.


Justin Rueb

Dr. Justin Rueb is an independent trainer and human resources/organizational consultant specializing in leadership, team-building, diversity, and organizational culture and climate. He obtained his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in industrial psychology, with an emphasis in leadership. His doctoral research at Virginia Tech examined potential predictors to identify emergent leaders within an organization. Besides being the Founder and President of Aspiring Heights, Justin is currently a Full Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. This background combined with his 25-year aviation and leadership career in the military allow him to work with a variety of organizations in the military, academics, non-profit, and corporate sectors, earning him organizational awards in teaching, research, leadership, and management. He has also performed research in areas as diverse as human factors, cognition, motivation, system design, human resources, leadership, statistics, and sexual harassment, having authored over 90 articles/presentations. He is also well versed on communications, statistics, and organizational culture and climate evaluations. A nationally recognized speaker, Dr. Rueb has presented papers at numerous prestigious conferences, including the Academy of Management, Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists, American Psychological Society, and the Human Factors Ergonomics Society.